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Astrology Software With Horoscope Calculations, Matching And Panchanga

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“The digital avatars of Jyotisha powered by Astro-Vision have spread awareness and are ideal to today's fast paced life...”


“I have been using Astro-Vision mobile application for the past two years. It is very simple, useful and accurate...”


“In older days, without checking panchangam, people didn't even stepped out of their homes. But in today's world...”


“Astro-Vision Futuretech is the number one company providing astrological reports, which are very accurate...”

AstroPack SM 1.0 Benefits

AstroPack SM 1.0 is a combination of AstroPack 1.0 and SoulMate 10.0

Here comes Astrology software with 100% accuracy

Get accurate calculations through our Astro-Vision AstroPack astrology software. This software gives the calculation based on exact values.

Over the two decades Astro-Vision SoulMate 10 Kundli Matching Software has helped to do thousands of marriage matching calculations. This is a very popular software with variety of customized options for performing the calculations

The most popular astrology software & kundli matching software

Astro-Vision AstroPack astrology software is the most trusted astrology software in the world used by majority of astrologers not only in India, but also in other Asian countries and Europe.

The most trusted kundli matching software used by most marriage bureaus, astrology centres, astrologers and popular matrimonial websites across the world. Most matrimonial websites are powered by Astro-Vision SoulMate Kundli Matching Software.

Based on Indian astrology calculations

This software comes up with all astrology calculations for professional and personal use. This includes calculations and predictions, get more details from Astro-Vision LifeSign Astrology Software with predictions.

Customisable Ayanamsha Options

Astro-Vision's AstroPack Astrology Software comes with various ayanamsha options including as Chitra Paksha ayanamsa or lahiri ayanamsa, raman ayanamsa, krishnamurthy ayanamsa, thirukanitham ayanamsa along with a user defined ayanamsa. The feature of user define ayanamsha gives you the facility to choose between Fagen-Allen ayanamsa or any other ayanamsa method of your choice by selecting the Base year and the precession per year. This method helps Vedic astrology research students as well.

Astro-Vision SoulMate 10 Kundli Matching Marriage Software provides various ayanamsa settings such as Chitra Paksha ayanamsa or Lahiri ayanamsa, Raman ayanamsa and Krishnamurthy ayanamsa.

Large Database of Cities

AstroPack Astrology software gives you the largest number of cities across the world. This is a time savvy feature where you don’t even have to enter latitude or longitude with an additional feature to add more cities.

Nazhika Converter

AstroPack Astrological Software comes with easy converter feature for a nazhika to hour convertor or Ghati / Vighati convertor which can give an easy cross reference.

Dasa System

Variable option for dasa systems one consisting of 365.25 days and the other consisting of 360 days.

Bhava Bala Calculation Methods

Bhavabala options based on nature of mercury determined by association and benefict despite association

Customizable horoscope with various options.

You can get the report you want, yes, that is the specialty of Astro-Vision AstroPack Astrology software. as a single-page horoscope report, horoscope report with charts and calculations only, etc. Facility to choose between the templates too.

Various chart styles provided by Horoscope Chart generator

Astro-Vision AstroPack Horoscope Software comes with various chart formats, like, North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Kerala and Sri Lankan chart styles

Method for Gulikadi group calculations

Selection of custom ayanamsha based on gulikadi group calculations. whether the ascendant should be considered at period start or ascendant should be considered at period end.

Free Panchang software

Get Our popular Panchang Software StarClock VX totally free with Astrology Software. This panchang has a dual language mode either in English or one regional language in your choice. , representation of qualities of the planets, astrological qualities of the moment, exact rahu kala, gulika kala, identify transit times and transit positions, muhurtham software and Panchang Calendar

Ideal Kundli Matching Software for Marriage Bureaus and Astrology Centres

Ideal for Marriage Bureaus, Astrology Centres and Astrologers , Astro-Vision SoulMate 10 Kundli Matching Software comes with the option to get the hardcopy. Option for summary and detailed report gives you to choose between the options.

Prepare Kundli Matching reports according to regional preferences

Astro-Vision SoulMate 10 Kundli Matching Marriage Software comes with North Indian, South Indian, East Indian, Kerala and Sri Lankan chart styles. You can generate the report according your preferences. The minimum check performed is the star compatibility check or Gun Milan Check. Other optional checks include Kuja Dosha Check or Manglik check, Papa Samyam Check and Dasa Sandhi Check. Options to enable and disable the optional check are also an additional feature.

Save the Details for Future Reference

You can build the database of the prospective bride and groom for future reference by Astro-Vision SoulMate 10 Kundali Matching Software

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AstroPack SM 1.0 Features

  • Astrological Significance based on birth data
  • Calculation of Sayana and Nirayana Longitude of Planets
  • Bhava chart
  • Upagraha Chart
  • Aruda Chakra
  • Shodasavarga table
  • Lords of Shodasavargha
  • Vargottama
  • Varga bheda
  • Charts
  • Ashtakavarga Charts
  • Vimshottari Dasa Periods
  • Dasa and Bhukti (Apaharam) Periods
  • Paryanthardasa
  • Analysis of Planetary Disposition
  • Special Combination of Planets in the Horoscope ( Yoga )

AstroPack SM 1.0 Detailed Features

Calculations provided in the Horoscope Software include

Astrological Significance based on birth data

AstroPack Astrology Software Calculates Birth Star as well as calculation of various astrological properties of the nakshatra and horoscope such as star pada, Birth rasi and the rasi lord; Lagna Ascendant and the Lagna lord , Thithi ( Lunar day) , Dinamana, Astrological Day of birth, Kalidina Sankhya, Nakshatra adipathi, Ganam, Yoni, Animal, Bird, Tree, Chandra Avastha, Chandra Vela, Chandra Kriya, Dagda Rasi, Karanam, Nithya Yoga, Rasi of Sun - Star Position, Position of Angadityan, Yogi Point - Yogi Star, Yogi Planet, Duplicate Yogi, Avayogi Star – Planet, Atma Karaka ( Soul) – Karakamsa, Amatya Karaka , Lagna Aruda ( Pada) / Thanu and Dhana Aruda ( Pada)

Calculation of Sayana Longitude of Planets

The longitude of planets including that of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are given as per western method of calculation.

Calculation of Nirayana Longitude of Planets

Nirayana longitudes of planets, which is the basis of calculations in the Indian system are derived from the sayana values. All the charts, calculations and analysis provided in this horoscope software are based on vedic Astrology. The nirayana longitude of the planets, the rasi, the longitude in the rasi, the nakshatra as well as star pada is calculated. The Nakshatra, nakshatra adipathi, sub lord as well as sub sub lord is calculated for each planet. A brief summary of the nirayana longitude of the planets is also provided along with the rasi chart and navamsa chart in this Astrology Software. The dasa as well as dasa balance at birth is also provide along with the rasi chart and navamsa chart. The special rasi chakra chart is also provided in this horoscope software, giving details of whether a navamsa or planet is in retrograde motion, or whether it is exalted, debilated or combust.

Bhava chart

AstroPack Horoscope software comes with the bhava chart and bhava table with details of the arambha, madhya, anthya and the list of planets located in bhava.

Sudarshana chakra chart

The sudarshana chakra chart is also presented in this Indian Horoscope Software

Upagraha Chart

Upagraha calculation is available with this software. Sub planets are also calculated on the base of the Sun. Dhumadi group of sub planets are also provided. Upagraha longitude also presented in table format with akshatra adipathi / Sub-Lord / Sub-Sub-Lord Charts of Upagrahas. The Upagraga rasi chart is also available with this software

Karakas (Jaimini System)

Karakamsha and planets corresponding to each karakamsha are provided according to Jaimini system. The Arudas and padas according to the Jaimini system of astrology is provided.

Aruda Chakra

AstroPack Horoscope software calculated the values corresponding to the aruda chakra chart and the aruda chakra is prepared.

Shodasavarga table

AstroPack Horoscope software Calculates the values present in the shodasavarga table and prepares the shodasavarga table.

Lords of Shodasavarga

AstroPack Horoscope software calculates the Lords of the shodasavarga and presents it in chart format for easy reference.


AstroPack Horoscope software Calculates the vargottama

Varga bheda

AstroPack Indian astrology software also calculates varga bheda values based on Swavarga (own house) and Uchavarga (exaltation. Varga Bheda table also is available.

Charts Included in Software for Astrology

AstroPack Astrology Software prepares divisional charts such as the rasi chart, Hora chart, Drekkana chart, Chathurthamsam chart, Saptamsam chart, Navamsa chart, Dasamsam chart, Dwadasamsam chart, Shodasamsam chart, Vimsamsam chart, Chathurvimsamsam chart, Bhamsam chart, Trimsamsam chart, Khavedamsam chart, Akshavedamsam chart and Shashtiamsam chart. The numerous charts generated makes this the perfect Professional Astrology Software.

Ashtakavarga Charts

AstroPack Horoscope Software calculates the values pertaining to various Ashtakavarga Charts and the various Ashtakavarga Charts are prepared such as the Chandra Ashtakavarga chart, Surya Ashtakavarga chart, Budha Ashtakavarga chart, Shukra Ashtakavarga chart, Kuja Ashtakavarga chart, Guru Ashtakavarga chart, Sani Ashtakavarga chart and the Sarva Ashtakavarga chart. The various Ashtakavarga charts after reductions are also prepared and presented in this Indian Astrology software, such as the Trikona Reduction and Ekadipathya Reduction.

Vimshottari Dasa Periods

A brief summary of Vimshottari Dasa Periods is included

Dasa and Bhukti (Apahara) Periods

Details of the Dasa and Bhukti (Apahara) Periods are given with details of the arambha and anthya for each Bhukti (Apahara) within each Dasa period in the AstroPack Astrology Chart Software.


Details of Paryanthardasa within each Bhukti (Apahara) with the start and end date of each Dasa

Analysis of Planetary Disposition

An analysis of the planetary disposition including Lords of Houses, the Bhava lord of each house, Planetary conjunction (yoga), Planet to planet aspects, Planet to house aspects, Benefic Friendship Charts including Permanent ( Naisargika ) Friendship Chart, Temporary ( Tatkalika ) Friendship Chart, Five-Fold ( Panchda ) Friendship Chart , Aspect Strength Chart ( Drikbala ) in Shashtiamsas, Shadbala Table, Bhava Aspect Strength Planets and Malefic planets and their effects, Chart ( Bhava Drikbala ) in Shashtiamsas, Bhava Bala Table, Kuja Dosha Check, Moudhyam (combustion), Graha Yuddha (Planetary war) and Grahavastha is presented in AstroPack Astrology Software.

Special Combination of Planets in the Horoscope (Yoga)

Yoga combinations are available with brief summary.

Kundli Matching Based on Nakshatra Compatibility Check

Horoscope matching by Astro-Vision SoulMate 10 Kundali Matching Software is based on numerous factors. Nakshathra porutham is the minimum matching chek system and . Star Check or Nakshatra Compatibility check is used for calculating the compatibility between birth stars. Even though basic rules for the marriage compatibility check are the same, different methods are used regionally.

  • North Indian - suitable for all North Indians and those following the North Indian Rashi system (method based on Gun Milan or Gun Milap system)
  • Gun milan or Gun Milap - suitable for those from Karnataka and some areas of Andhra Pradesh
  • Kerala - suitable for Malayalees and those following the Malayalam calendar
  • Tamil Nadu - suitable for Tamilians and those following the Tamil calendar.

Kundli Matching Based on Manglik Check

In order to check Manglik dosh Astro-Vision SoulMate 10 Kundali Matching Software has the provision for performing a Manglik Check. The position of Kuja can be correctly analyzed with this software.

Kundli Matching Based on Dasa Sandhi Check

Dasa sandhi is an optional feature of Astro-Vision SoulMate 10 Kundali Matching Software. The transition from one dasa to another dasa is the most difficult period of a person’s life. If the dasa changes are at the same time for boy and girl the match is not ideal.

Kundli Matching Based on Papa Check

Papa matching is also a feature of Astro-Vision SoulMate 10 Kundali Matching Software. Total papa is calculated based in papa points based on the planetary positions. Papa points for boy should be higher than that of girl’s.

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System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2K/XP/Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 - 32 & 64 bit, minimum 256 MB RAM & 100 MB HDD space

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Gayatri Devi Vasudev


“The digital avatars of Jyotisha powered by Astro-Vision have spread awareness and are ideal to today's fast paced life...”

M V Naranarayanan


“I have been using Astro-Vision mobile application for the past two years. It is very simple, useful and accurate...”

Dr.C.V.B. Subrahmanyam


“In older days, without checking panchangam, people didn't even stepped out of their homes. But in today's world...”

Kanippayyur Namboodiripad


“Astro-Vision Futuretech is the number one company providing astrological reports, which are very accurate...”

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