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Benefits of LifeSign Tamil Jothidam Software

It's a Free Tamil Jathakam Software for desktops & mobiles

Generates detailed horoscope in Tamil

Simple User Interface; Easy to Use

Quick generation of jathagams

Highly Accurate Calculations

Inclusive and Accurate Jathakam Predictions

Improves overall efficiency by improving speed & accuracy

Generates more revenue through more number of calculations

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Start generating jathagams by installing this free Tamil jothidam software! Its features include

Free Online Jathakam

Generates free online jathakams with inclusive calculations, predictions and remedies! You only have to provide the individual’s birth details - date, time & place of birth.


LifeSign is available in 9 languages - English, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam & Oriya.

Panchangam Predictions

The basic birth details of the individual based on Panchangam – weekday, tithi, nakshatram, karanam and nithya yogam.

Paryanthar Dasa

Tells about the paryanthar dasas in each apahara.

Shodashavarga Charts

The 16 divisional charts, their tables and values.

Sayana & Nirayana Longitudes

The longitude calculations, rasi, longitude in the rasi, nakshatram, the lord of nakshatram, sub lord, sub-sub lord etc.

Planetary Analyses

Planetary strength, planetary disposition and various other planetary analyses.

Vargottama & Varga Bheda

Includes Vargottama & Varga Bheda tables and values.

Jaimini System

The Jaimini system calculations - Jaimini aspects, karakas, karakamsa lagnam, bhava arudham, upapadam etc.

Different Ayanamsam Options

Lahiri or Chitra Paksha ayanamsam, Raman ayanamsam, Krishnamurthy ayanamsam and Thirukanitham ayanamsam.

Database of global cities

This software has an inbuilt database of cities around the world with latitude, longitude and time zone values.



Jathakam is an astrological tool for studying an individual’s life and character. It holds the basic astrological data of the native – the unique placement of planets at the time of birth. Considering the specific time and place of birth, the planetary positions will be different for different individuals. This is the reason why every individual’s life and character are unique and distinct.LifeSign software generates accurate jathakam in Tamil. While providing the date, time and place of birth of an individual, the software accurately captures the unique planetary alignment through errorless astrology calculations.
Install LifeSign Free Jathakam software for accurate astrology in Tamil!

A person’s strengths & weaknesses, ups & downs in various aspects of life and future prospects can be known from the jathakam. It holds his/her astrological data – the basic design of life, character and destiny. Through precise analysis of jathakam, the various aspects of life (personality, education, career, wealth, health, marriage, family life etc.) can be studied. Thus, jathakam can be used to find life solutions and to make important decisions.
Get your Tamil jathagam online! Download LifeSign software

The generation of jathakam using LifeSign software is very easy! You just need to know the individual's birth details - date, time & place of birth. When you enter these details, LifeSign makes all those astrology calculations and generates an instant horoscope in Tamil. LifeSign maintains a high-level accuracy in astrology calculations, assuring a detailed and error-free jathakam report.
Generate and Download Tamil Jathagam, Instal LifeSign .

LifeSign Mini (for desktop) and LifeSign ME Lite (for mobiles) are free versions. These applications generate various jathakam predictions, but not complete predictions. To get complete predictions and calculations, you can upgrade your LifeSign free version to its respective full version LifeSign Parihara or LifeSign ME Standard.
Get complete Tamil astrology online, Download LifeSign Software

Installing this Tamil Jothidam software enables easy generation of jathakams on mobiles or desktops. You just need to provide the birth details (date, time & place of birth) of the individual and this software generates instant jathakam with inclusive calculations & predictions. It is easy to use, fast and highly accurate. You can use this software to prepare and study horoscope of any individual.
Click Here for LifeSign Free Tamil Jathagam Software Download.

LifeSign software generates Quick and Accurate Horoscope in Tamil! Thus, it helps the astrology professionals and businesses to improve the speed, accuracy and overall efficiency. By using it, one can avoid time-consuming manual horoscope calculations and chances for errors at zero investment. LifeSign software provides the scope of generating more revenue through more number of consultations.
Generate Tamil jathagam online! Download LifeSign software

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Compare with Premium Products

CompareLifeSign mini With LifeSign Parihara

Features LifeSign mini LifeSign Parihara
No. of pages 12 pages More than 60
Bhava/House Analysis Only 1st House Analyse all the 12 houses
Yoga Analysis Only one yoga Tells about all yogas
Dasa - Apaharas Brief description only Complete Details and Predictions
Birth Star Remedies No Complete birth star remedies
Dasa Remedies No Remedies for all relevant dasas
Transit Predictions No Include Jupiter Transit Predictions
Favourable Periods No Favourable Periods for career, marriage, house construction etc
Vimshottari dasa No Yes
Ashtakavarga Predictions No Yes
Karakas (Jaimini system) No Yes
Aruda Chakra No Yes
Shodasavarga Table No Yes
Vargottama & Vargabheda No Yes
Paryanthardasa Details No Yes
Detailed Charts No Yes
இப்போது நிறுவ மேலும் அறிய


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As you know, I am a regualar user of your Astro-Vision software ever since you started, because I found it to be the most authentic, dependable and easy to handle..

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Astro-Vision's software are very useful as we can find Rasi, Navamsam, Dasa change, Bhava change, Planet strength, Prashnam and wedding suits in a few seconds. Moreover, even in various business and family commitments

- N.J Sivakumar

I've been using Astro-Vision mobile software for two years. I am very happy to congratulate Astro-Vision on behalf of Thiruchankodu Astrology Research Association for making their software more and more excellent.

- Kadakam G.Ramaswami

LifeSign astrology software - The most relevant software that I have used. Calculations are very helpful to define the predictions. The mobile version helps me at any place, anywhere, at any time. It is so easy of use.

- K. Subramaniam

Astro-Vision software is very much useful to us. Astrologers use this software in a good way to benefit the people. And also Astro-Vision is making the software in most effective manner. This is very useful to everyone.

- R. Panchanathan


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I want to know how to use naligai convertor to find out birth time



Kanniammal Manickam

it is really apt on every horoscope,thank you a lot..






sir i want to purchase full version how much charge




astrovision perfect astrology software.


nice, good




A very good software.


useful and helpful




very accurate




very nice




very good and thank u sir

ponnuswamy c

i am a retired teacher. your software is very useful to me.thankyou verymuch.


very well designed software useful to many for the first level understanding


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