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Astro-Vision StarClock ME Astrology Software available in the following languages :
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Forget Computers - Horoscope calculations now on your Mobile!

You don't need a computer anymore. Astrology software now fits into your palm! Astro-Vision, one of the pioneers in Astrology Software brings Astrology Software onto your mobile. Astro-Vision StarClock ME Mobile Horoscope Software provides you with all the astrology calculations necessary to give predictions, making it the best horoscope software for mobile phones.

Astrology Consultancy on the Move!

The extremely simple and user friendly interface of StarClock ME Mobile Horoscope Software makes it simple to give astrology consultancy even while travelling. The astrology calculations are accurate and thus you can focus on providing predictions.

Extremely cost effective - save on computers, laptops and even expensive mobiles

Unlike most other Astrology Software, StarClock ME Mobile Horoscope Software works on most mobile phones, thus you save on expensive computers, laptops and high end mobiles.

Ideal for Astrologers and Astrology Students

StarClock ME Mobile Horoscope Software is ideal for Astrologers and Astrology students. StarClock ME Mobile Horoscope Software provides most of the calculations necessary for an astrologer or student of astrology. If you are looking for a PC-based Astrology Software, then Astro-Vision AstroPack Astrology Software is for you. If you are interested in predictions too, then Astro-Vision LifeSign Astrology Software with calculations and predictions is for you.


IBM Compatible PC, 24x CD ROM Drive, 128mb RAM, MS-Windows 98 and above (Excluding Vista 64 Bit and Windows 7 64 Bit)

Detailed Features

Calculations provided in the StarClock ME include

Provides all basic calculations

Astro-Vision StarClock ME Mobile Astrology Software provides all the basic calculations and tables such as Rasi chart, Navamsa chart, Bhava chart, Detailed Bhava table, Astrological Day, Year, Sunrise, Sunset, Day calculations, Nakshatra, Nakshatra pada, Rasi, Lagnadipa, Rathri maanam, Kalidina Sankhya, Rahu kalam, Gulika kalam, Yamakanda kalam, Dasa periods starting and ending time, Dasa lord, Sub periods of dasa etc, Spudam, Griha Spudam, Rasi Spudam, Longitude, Nakshathra Spudam, Papa Points, Papam from Lagnam, Moon and Venus, Prashna Thri Spudam, Chathur Spudam, Pancha Spudam, Prana Spudam, Deha Spudam, Mrithyu Spudam and Sookshma Thri Spudam.

Dynamic charts and calculations

You can adjust the time in minutes/hours/days/years in the Rasi view and the calculations are done in real time and presented on the mobile screen instantly. This helps you to view the planetary positions, charts and calculations for different dates and times without going back to the data entry screen.

Mobile Astrology Software with Multi Lingual Facility

StarClock ME Mobile Astrology Software provides the user a choice of English + any one other Indian regional language (Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, etc.) on a mobile handset. You can easily change the default language to your choice.

Default Location Setting

You can set any location as default for charts and calculations. StarClock ME Mobile Astrology Software has the facility to Add / Edit / Delete locations and to modify the longitude, latitude, and even set time corrections like summertime, wartime, etc., if required.

Mobile Compatibility

StarClock ME Mobile Astrology Software can be loaded on any Java enabled mobile handset available in the market - Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Windows mobiles, etc.

Save/Retrieve Birth Data

You can even save the birth data of individuals for future use. This facility will be extremely helpful while providing consultancy to regular customers as you can avoid entering the birth details on each occasion and save precious time.

Extremely User Friendly

StarClock ME Mobile Astrology Software is easy-to-navigate for anyone familiar with mobile phones. Basic navigation keys of the mobile phone are used for navigation within the Mobile Horoscope software and therefore no user training/guidance is required.

Easy to Install

StarClock ME Mobile Astrology Software can be installed using USB or Bluetooth connection from a computer or directly from a download link from the Astro-Vision website using GPRS connection. Installation takes only 2-5 minutes (depending on the configuration of the handset)

No network connection required

While using StarClock ME Mobile Astrology Software, you need not have network coverage or GPRS connectivity. Since all the components of the software are installed in the handset, it can run directly from the mobile.

Minimum Memory Requirement

Size of mobile astrology application is less than 1MB and it requires minimum memory for processing.

Astro-Vision StarClock ME Screenshots

Mobile Astrology Software Menu Screen
Menu Screen - All icons listed for easy navigation
Mobile Astrology Software - Rasi Chart
Rasi Chart - Dynamic charts and calculations.
Mobile Astrology Software - Navamsa Chart
Navamsaka Chart- Navamsaka chart with planet positions
Mobile Astrology Software - Bhava Chart
Bhava Chart- Bhava positions of planets displayed in chart
Mobile Astrology Software - Sphudam
Sphudam - Planet, Rasi, Longitude and star / pada table
Mobile Astrology Software - Astro Moment
Astro Moments - Astrological Time with Star, Star length, Pada, Rasi, Lagna Lord, Nithya Yoga, Karanam, Thidhi, Dasa balance etc.
Mobile Astrology Software - Astro Day
Astro Day - Astrological day with Day, Regional Date, Sunrise, Sunset, Day Duration, Night Duration, Kalidina Sankya, Rahu kalam, Gulika Kalam etc.
Mobile Astrology Software - Prashna
Prashna - Trisphudam, Chathura Sphudam, Pancha Sphudam, Prashna Sphudam, Dheha Sphudam, Mrithu Sphudam and Sukshma Thri Sphudam
Mobile Astrology Software - Dasa Periods
Dasa Periods- Dasa, Bhukthi, Dasa nathan, Period details etc.
Mobile Astrology Software - Papa Points
Papa Points - Papa points details of by Lagna, Moon and Venus.
System requirements
 Any Android devices with vewrsion 2.1 and up and also Java enabled mobile handset available in the market such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Windows mobiles, etc. The Size of the mobile astrology app is less than 1MB and hence requires minimum memory for processing. Please contact us to know more about the system requirements.
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StarClock ME Pro

  • Raasi
  • Navamsaka
  • Bhavam
  • Astro Moment
  • Astro Day
  • Dasa
  • Spudam
  • Papa Samyam
  • Prasna
  • Star match
  • Muhurtham
  • Bhava bala
  • Ashtavarga
  • Shodasavarga
  • Yogam
  • Sublord
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