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Astro-Vision Astrology Widgets

Astro-Vision Astrology Widgets are free portable applications that provide useful astrology information such as Daily Panchangam, astrology predictions, instant astro charts, auspicious days etc.You can place our widgets on your website, blog, your iGoogle home page, Facebook profile etc. Our Widgets are updated regularly, so you can be up-to-date with the Panchang details like Star, Thithi, Nithya yoga, Karanam, Sunrise, Sunset time etc.While you can choose the default place and chart formats, visitors of your website/blog also can set their default place and chart format.Choose an Astro-Vision Widget that suits you best and add it to your website/blog now!

Astrology widgets
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Panchang Widget

Our Panchang Widget provides information related to the Panchang including regional calendar, date, astrological chart, Rahu Kaal, Yamakantakalam, Sunrise time and Sunset time.Easy to use options are provided to check the Panchang information for any date, present, future or past;for any place in the world. Visitors of your website/blog also can view the calendar dates based on their regional preferences (such as Tamil, Telugu or Malayalam calendar dates).

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How to add Panchang Widget on your website or blog

If you are experiencing any problem, please send a mail to about your problem along with the URL of the page where you have embedded the widget code so that we can help you accordingly.

How to edit Panchang Widget Preferences
If you have already embedded our widget on your website/blog and want to edit the 'Widget Preferences', then please submit your edit request here.

Terms & Conditions
Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt.Ltd.(AVFT) reserves all rights to suspend, terminate, reject any Publisher at any time without prior notice. Also, AVFT reserves all rights to add, remove, modify or alter any of the aspects of the Revenue Sharing Program at any time. Before you participate, we strongly recommend that you read all our Terms & Conditions. By participating in our Revenue Sharing Program, it is implied that you have read, understood and agreed with all our Terms & Conditions.

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