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StarClock VX

Astro-Vision StarClock VX:
The Most Detailed Panchangam Software

INR 5198
Astrovision StarClock VX

Astro-Vision StarClock VX Software also available in the following languages :
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How to uninstall?
Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features

Select The software you want to uninstall and then click Uninstall.

Easy Panchang !

Check various planetary positions, at different points in time, at nearly the speed of light. Astro-Vision StarClock VX Panchangam Software uses the same calculations as leading scientific and astronomical institutes and research centres and this is what makes it so precise and fast. More than two decades of experience in the field of Astrology and Panchangam Software has also enabled us to provide the most authentic and accurate Panchangam Software.

Not Just a Panchangam Software

Astro-Vision Starclock VX comes built-in with a muhurtham software or muhurat software as well as a host of other great tools such as the Nazhika convertor and Transit Finder. This software is perfect for astrologers who would like to focus on the predictions and leave the calculations to be done accurately by the computer. If you are looking for an Astrology Software which includes calculations as well as predictions, check out Astro-Vision LifeSign Astrology Software with predictions.

Calculate Muhurtham Dates or Shubh Muhurat dates accurately

StarClock VX Panchangam softwares muhurtham or muhurat calculator provides you with suitable dates as well as time duration for conducting important and auspicious ceremonies. Read more about this exciting tool in the features section.

Panchang Software with Customisable Ayanamsa Options

Astro-Vision's StarClock VX Panchangam Software provides various ayanamsa settings such as Chitra Paksha ayanamsa or Lahiri ayanamsa, Raman ayanamsa, Krishnamurthy ayanamsa, Thirukanitham ayanamsa along with a user defined ayanamsa. If you select the user defined ayanamsa, you can choose from either the Fagen-Allen ayanamsa or any other ayanamsa method of your choice by selecting the Base year and the precession per year. These options are especially useful for astrologers and astrology students who are interested in Vedic astrology research.

Large Database of Cities

StarClock VX Panchang Software has a built-in database of numerous cities from around the world. So you dont have to enter in latitude, longitude and time zones every time. Just key in the city and the rest is done automatically. Whats more, you can also add more cities, which makes the list of cities fully customisable.

Provides various chart styles

StarClock VX Panchang Software also provides you a choice of chart formats, like, North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Kerala and Sri Lankan chart styles.

Save data for Future Analysis

StarClock VX Panchang Software allows you to save the data in order to analyse or refer to the astrological calculations at your convenience.

Multi-lingual Report Option

StarClock VX Panchang Software allows you to print the Horoscope report in English as well as in any one regional language.


IBM Compatible PC, 24x CD ROM Drive, 128mb RAM, MS-Windows 98 and above (Excluding Vista 64 Bit and Windows 7 64 Bit)

Product features of indian astrology software
Astro-Vision StarClock VX Software Features

Detailed Features

Calculations provided in the StarClock VX Software include

Astrological properties moment-to-moment

As soon as you open the StarClock VX Panchangam Software, astrological significance of that particular moment in time automatically pops up, along with critical astrological properties of the current moment including the rasi chart, navamsa chart, nazhika / vinazhika or ghati / vighati after sunrise as well as before sunrise, the kalahora lord, thithi, karana, nitya yoga and dadga rasis or visha shunya rasis. The Panchangam Software also provides the birth star, dasa lord, dasa balance and dasa elapsed time. It indicates rahu kalam, gulika kalam, yamakanta kalam and abhijith muhurtha.

Astrological properties of the day

The moment you open the Panchangam Software, it automatically updates you with the astrological significance of the day, including astrological day, sunrise time for that day and the next, sunset time, day duration, night duration, duration of rahu kalam, gulika kalam, yamakanta kalam and abhijith muhurtha.

Properties of Planetary positions

StarClock VX Panchangam Software updates the current position of planets along with its significance such as whether it is in exalted / debilitated position, whether it is in its own house, and whether it is in combust or retrograde motion. The Panchangam Software also indicates the rasi, rasi lord, star and star lord, star sub lord, star sub sub lord, star pada, sayana longitude, sayana zodiac, navamsa and navamsa lord corresponding to each planet. An in-depth analysis of the planetary positions is also made identifying the lords of houses, planet to planet aspects and whether planetary conjunctions exist ( yoga ).

Time Travel Tool

StarClock VX Panchangam Software provides you with a tool to select the time and forward the time or date or change the place and observe the corresponding changes in planetary positions as well as their properties. This is a great tool for research in astrology. The increment in time can be made by automatically moving in intervals of 1 sec, 1 min, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year.

Observe changes in astrological properties as the clock ticks

Access astrological properties of the current time, and also watch the changes in astrological properties automatically updated as the time changes. This is also known as the clock mode.

Transit finder

StarClock VX Panchangam Software includes a fantastic application which automatically calculates the time at which a planet moves through a rasi or star, or a specific longitude within the rasi or specific longitude within the star. It also calculates the exact time it reaches a specific longitude. It is a great tool for identifying transit times and transit positions. A visual representation of the movement of the planets also makes it easy to understand and appreciate the movement of the planets with time.

Muhurtham Finder

StarClock VX Panchangam Software has a built-in Muhurtham software or muhurat software which automatically Identifies the muhurtham dates or muhurat dates for various auspicious occasions like Baby Naming ceremony ( Namakaran ), Annaprasan ( Feeding rice ), Karna-Vedha ( ear piercing ), tonsure ( shaving head ), akshararambha ( starting education ), marriage muhurtham or vivah muhurat, starting studies or exam preparation, applying for a job, meeting higher authorities, starting medical treatment, house construction, grihapravesha, buying and selling vehicles, buying and selling jewellery, sale and purchase of land, finance giving and taking loan, dividing property, opening a shop or starting a commercial activity. This is a great help to astrologers who can further use the list of dates and times and short list it according to their own personal and regional preferences. The basis on which the dates have been selected are also given, and this is a great way to learn more about muhurtham or shubh muhurat and identifying the right muhurtham. You can also generate a report in either English or any regional language containing the list of suitable muhurthams. Various settings are also available which can be used to modify the results, such as which time of the day to exclude, whether rahu kalam, gulika kalam and yamakanta kalam should be included, and which day of the week should be included or excluded. It also finds muhurtham or shubh muhurat based on the date of birth of the individual.

Apart from these common Panchanga shuddhi checks, the general astrological quality based on the horoscope for the moment is also analysed. Also, the factors such as Solar and Lunar eclipses, Sankranti and Sandhyakalam are considered during the Muhurtha search.

Panchangam Calendar

StarClock VX Panchangam Software contains a regional calendar where you can find corresponding dates / days as per the Gregorian calendar. That is from a Tamil, Telugu or Malayalam calendar days can be cross checked against the corresponding English calendar days.

Kalahora report

StarClock VX Panchangam Software has the facility to view as well as print the detailed kalahora report. The report can be printed in English as well as any chosen regional language.

Moon based dasa periods

StarClock VX Panchangam Software also gives the moon based dasa periods for a given horoscope including the starting and ending date and time.

Astro-Vision StarClock VX Screenshots

StarClock VX Panchangam Software - Planets	, Astrological Day, Astrological Moment, Ayanamsa
Planets , Astrological Day, Astrological Moment
Option to choose the desired ayanamsa
StarClock VX Panchangam Software -  Horoscope
StarClock VX Panchangam Software - Calendar
StarClock VX Panchangam Software - Muhurtha Finder
Muhurtha Finder
StarClock VX Panchangam Software - Transit Finder
Transit Finder
Download Sample Reports of StarClock Vx Panchangam Software
System requirements
 IBM Compatible PC, 1GB RAM, MS-Windows 98 and above
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