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LifeSign Mini Features

● Personalised horoscope reports based on the date, time and place of birth.

● Available in 9 different languages, English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi,Kannada, Malayalam and Oriya.

● Horoscope report based on your regional chart style (North Indian, South Indian, Bengali and Kerala)

● Helps you check Marriage Compatibility

● In-built details on birth place

Geographical details (latitude, longitude and time zone) of the birth place are required to generate personalized horoscope. The Vedic astrology software LifeSign Mini provides a huge database of cities for this purpose and lets you choose one from the list. You can also add new cities to the list.

● Provides four Ayanamsa options

Free astrology software LifeSign Mini gives you four Ayanamsa options to choose from.

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● Reports with detailed Panchang predictions

This free astrology software includes Panchang predictions

● Bhava predictions on your personality & life

Influence of planets on life and character are explained through Bhava predictions in LifeSign Mini. Our free astrology software gives a detailed Bhava prediction, analyzing the first house for information on your physical structure, personality & status.

● Detailed report on Dasha periods and Apaharas

LifeSign Mini free astrology software gives details of the Dasha and Bhukti (Apahara) periods with information on beginning and end of each Bhukti within each Dasa. The software also provides predictions concerning the effect of current Daha/Apahara.

● A brief summary of Vimshottari Dasha Periods

LifeSign Mini Vedic astrology software gives a brief summary of Vimshottari Dasha periods.

● Birth star & star qualities

LifeSign Mini astrology software calculates your birth star and explains its features.

● Generates Sudarsana chakra chart

LifeSign Mini includes the feature to generate Sudarsana chakra chart.

● Detailed report on Planetary Disposition

LifeSign Mini horoscope gives a detailed account of planetary dispositions which includes the following.

● Yogas and its effects

LifeSign Mini software identifies the planet combinations resulting in Yogas and mentions its effects on life. The free astrology software also gives an easy reference to the possible Yogas.

● Checks Marriage Compatibility

Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini includes the feature of Horoscope Matching to check marital compatibility between the prospects. The free astrology software performs star compatibility (Gun Milan) check as well as Kuja (Maglik) Dosha, Papa Samyam and Dasa Sandhi checks. It also provides a choice of chat formats - North Indian / South Indian / East Indian styles from which you can select your preferred one for checking marriage compatibility.

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New features

* Bhava type (Sripathy & Equal) option is newly added in Preferences window.
* Added Rahu and Ketu dosha predictions.
* Integrated advertising module in all languages.

System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2K/XP/Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 - 32 & 64 bit, minimum 256 MB RAM & 100 MB HDD space

How to uninstall? / Uninstallation

Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button. Click Control Panel, click Programs and select Programs and Features. Then click LifeSign Mini and click Uninstall.

Jaishri Mahanty

Posted: 25 May 2018.

so so good


Posted: 09 May 2018.

good software, thanks a lot.


Posted: 14 April 2018.

rating for something free and this good has to be 5 star! super thanks !!! if you could put degrees for each planets and nakshatra in birth chart and ability to look at planets in dasha on a single pane of glass, it would be very helpful to make predictions.

Jagabandhu Mishra

Posted: 05 April 2018.

very good

Santhosh K

Posted: 02 March 2018.


R.p. Vishwakarma

Posted: 23 February 2018.

very helpful soft ware

Mitukula Vishal

Posted: 21 February 2018.

good resalt


Posted: 12 February 2018.

a good app0


Posted: 12 February 2018.

a good app0


Posted: 08 February 2018.

very very good


Posted: 05 February 2018.

its good


Posted: 03 February 2018.

good software

Kamalasanan. R

Posted: 26 January 2018.

astrovision ahelpfull software.

Kamalasanan. R

Posted: 26 January 2018.

helpfull and convenient.


Posted: 14 January 2018.



Posted: 14 January 2018.

a good guide light for life


Posted: 14 January 2018.

a good guide light for life


Posted: 14 January 2018.

a good guide light for life


Posted: 05 January 2018.



Posted: 03 January 2018.

i like this software.very easy to generate horoscope reports

Gayatri Devi Vasudev


“The digital avatars of Jyotisha powered by Astro-Vision have spread awareness and are ideal to today's fast paced life...”

M V Naranarayanan


“I have been using Astro-Vision mobile application for the past two years. It is very simple, useful and accurate...”

Dr.C.V.B. Subrahmanyam


“In older days, without checking panchangam, people didn't even stepped out of their homes. But in today's world...”

Kanippayyur Namboodiripad


“Astro-Vision Futuretech is the number one company providing astrological reports, which are very accurate...”

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